Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

Asphalt Parking Lot Pittsburgh

Asphalt paving is a popular choice for commercial parking lots in the Pittsburgh area. The material holds up well against the major fluctuations in weather, especially during winter in western Pennsylvania.  But once your parking lot is installed, your business cannot afford to ignore regular maintenance. Preparation of a maintenance schedule should be high on the list of priorities immediately following installation.  Without it, not only could you be liable for accidents, but your property could suffer aesthetically.

7 Tips to Maintaining your Asphalt Paving in Pittsburgh

Whether it is preventative or corrective, maintenance plays an important role when it comes to extending the life of your asphalt parking lot. Roadstar Paving, leading asphalt pavers in Pittsburgh, recommends the following tips for maintaining a parking lot that will meet the needs of your business and its clients 24/7.

1. Allow Ample Time to Cure

It is true that asphalt takes less time than concrete to cure, but it isn’t any less important.  Upon installation, asphalt is very flexible due to the lightweight oils that need to evaporate.  Therefore, it is important to allow it to fully cure and harden, especially before applying the first seal coat, which is recommended no sooner than 90 days—preferably nine months to a year after installation.  By applying it earlier, the oils can become trapped making your parking lot susceptible to tire marks and imprints from pointed or heavy objects.

2. Sealcoat. Sealcoat. Sealcoat.

Never underestimate the power of seal coating.  High-quality sealants help to maintain the strength of the foundation while rejuvenating the protective layer that shields the asphalt surface from the elements.  Asphalt pavers recommend that you apply a high-quality sealant to the entire lot every three years.  This will not only protect the asphalt but extend the life of your parking lot.  For optimal adhesion, it is recommended that the outside temperature be more than 50 degrees, but less than 90 degrees when seal coating.

3. Keep Surface Clean

At least monthly, you should clean your asphalt pavement.  This will maintain the appearance of your lot, as well as the durability of the surface.  Accumulation of dirt and debris can deteriorate the surface when it becomes trapped under snow and ice.  In addition, it creates the perfect conditions for standing water, which ultimately will weaken the surface.  Be aware of fuel or oil stains and clean them immediately.  This will prevent deterioration, which can result in costly repairs.

4. Check Drains for Blockage

Blockage and accumulation of debris in the drainage system of your parking lot can cause water to pool, which eventually weakens the asphalt and leads to seepage beneath the surface.  Be sure to regularly inspect these areas of your parking lot.

5. Inspect Asphalt Surface Regularly

Inspect your parking lot for any cracks, holes or potential signs of damage, especially when cleaning your lot.  It’s better to identify the problems when they surface than when they become too costly to fix.

6.  Repair Cracks and Potholes Immediately

Once a problem area has been identified, address it.  If you are unable to fix the problem on your own, contact a professional asphalt paver in Pittsburgh, such as Roadstar Paving, to repair the area immediately. Waiting too long can result in larger, more costly repairs down the road.

7.  Redirect Traffic Flow

Every time you apply a seal coat, consider rerouting the flow of traffic and reorienting your parking spaces with new paint lines.  This will enable the asphalt surface to get even wear and tear throughout the parking lot.

 Harsh weather, hot sunlight, pooling water, debris, fuel and oil deposits, and heavy traffic can reduce the useful life of an asphalt parking lot.  With regular maintenance, your asphalt investment can last over 20 years. 

Choose Pittsburgh’s Trusted Asphalt Pavers

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