Asphalt Paving in Winter

Winter Asphalt Paving Pittsburgh

While spring and summer is the optimal time for asphalt paving, winter doesn’t necessarily mean that a paving company near you cannot install an asphalt driveway. What is does mean is there are factors to consider before installing an asphalt driveway during the winter months. RoadStar Paving, located in Aliquippa, PA, suggests the following when considering a winter installation of asphalt.

Be Sure the Ground is Not Frozen

Surprisingly, freezing air temperatures have little to no effect on the quality of the asphalt. It is the temperature of the ground that can cause you problems. Do not have asphalt installed onto the frozen ground. Not only will the hot asphalt quickly stiffen and freeze, but you will experience potholes and cracks once any snow or the ground has thawed. Freezing ground temperatures cause the quality of the asphalt mixture to become poor, which leads to the immediate breakdown of the mixture and inadequate compaction.

Dry Weather Conditions are Needed

Just as is required with spring and summer asphalt installations, dry weather conditions are needed for winter installations. Therefore, it cannot be raining or snowing near you when paving your asphalt driveway. For the asphalt to properly compact, the ground must be completely dry. When the ground is wet, the quality of the asphalt is compromised, which will ultimately affect the lifespan of your asphalt driveway.

Must Be Able to Work Quickly & Efficiently

When hiring an asphalt paving company near you, be sure that they are highly qualified to work quickly and efficiently, as well as have previous experience with cold weather paving. The last thing you want is to have your driveway installation be stalled due to freezing ground conditions or heavy snowfall. Once started, the job must be completed before inclement weather quickly rolls in.

Asphalt Paving Company near You

Hiring a professional paving company near you that understands the pros and cons of asphalt installation in the wintertime is critical to extending the life of your investment. RoadStar Paving has over 21 years of experience dealing with the fluctuating seasonal temperatures of western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and West Virginia. For high-quality asphalt paving services near you, call RoadStar Paving at 724-759-9068.