Improving Your Rental Property with Asphalt

Parking Lot Paving Pittsburgh

When it comes to rental properties, what is outside is just as important as what is inside. If your property’s driveway or parking lot is full of cracks and potholes, it will not only prevent future tenants from inquiring about what’s within, but you increase your liability for potential accidents. If you have just acquired a newly constructed rental property or are in need of upgrading a current one, you will want to consider hiring a commercial asphalt paving service to properly pave the way to a successful future in renting.

Four Ways Asphalt Can Improve Your Rental Property

By hiring professional pavers, like RoadStar Paving in Pittsburgh, you will immediately realize the following ways that you can improve your rental property:

Attract New Tenants

Potential tenants are crucial to your future cash flow. Therefore, it is important to have a property that attracts attention. Adding and maintaining an asphalt parking lot, becomes an inviting feature to your rental property. Whether a potential tenant is driving by or visiting a current tenant, your parking lot upgrades will not go unnoticed.

Retain Current Tenants

Ensuring that your current tenants are happy will decrease turnover and ultimately vacancy costs. Even though they don’t own the property, renters want to come home to a place that they are proud of. By maintaining your asphalt parking lot, you will avoid complaints, as well as potential liability from damaged vehicles or injuries from trips and falls. If your tenants are happy, they will want to stay long term.

Increase Curb Appeal and Property Value

Adding asphalt to your rental property is a cost-effective way to add curb appeal and increase your property value. Additionally, maintaining it with sealcoating and quick repairs will keep your property appealing, extend the life of the asphalt and keep your costs low.

Valuable Return on Your Investment

Maintaining a safe, affordable driveway and parking lot will ultimately provide you with a return on your asphalt investment. Happy tenants provide a constant stream of rental payments and capital improvements allow you to potentially increase rent.

Benefits to Commercial Asphalt Paving on your Pittsburgh Rental Property

For commercial properties located in the Pittsburgh area, asphalt paved parking lots are generally preferred due to the constant freezing and thawing that occurs with major fluctuations in weather throughout western Pennsylvania, but there are additional benefits as well:

  • Quick Installation – Depending on the size, installation of an asphalt parking lot can be done in as little as a day.
  • Affordable Maintenance – Asphalt requires preventative maintenance, such as sealcoating and speedy repairs.
  • Durable – If properly installed and maintained, asphalt can last more than 20 years.
  • Low Cost – Asphalt paving costs 35 to 45 percent less than concrete.
  • Eco-Friendly – Asphalt is an environmentally friendly paving choice for businesses due to its ability to be recycled.

Providing Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating Services in Pittsburgh

With three generations of commercial asphalt paving experience and a trusted reputation throughout the Pittsburgh area, RoadStar Paving understands the challenges of installing and maintaining a parking lot that will meet the needs of your rental property and its tenants 24/7. If you are in need of asphalt pavers in Pittsburgh or are looking for asphalt solutions for your rental property, feel free to call family-owned and operated RoadStar Paving at 412-318-5869.