What Can Ruin My Asphalt?

Damaged Asphalt

Using the best asphalt materials and hiring reputable asphalt contractors near you will put you on the right path for an asphalt surface that is made to last. However, there are some dangers to be aware of that will test the strength and durability of your asphalt surface.  RoadStar Paving shares the most common enemies to your asphalt pavement.

Standing Water

Water coming into contact with your asphalt driveway is normal and unavoidable.  When it becomes a problem and a danger to your asphalt surface is when it pools on top of the surface and remains for a period of time.  Standing water accelerates the breakdown of asphalt.  Bigger issues arise when the water seeps into surface cracks and is absorbed into the base layer.  During colder weather, the water will freeze and thaw causing additional damage to the asphalt.  To avoid standing water on your asphalt driveway, make sure that a proper drainage system is considered when having your driveway installed.

Heavy Vehicles

Asphalt is very strong and durable but to a certain point.  Too much weight on the same area repeatedly will cause the asphalt to flex beyond its capability leading to cracks and ruts.  This is more commonly seen in commercial areas, like parking lots, but can affect residential driveways during construction and use of heavy equipment.  If this is a potential problem for your Pittsburgh driveway, it is imperative to contact an asphalt maintenance contractor to make a plan to avoid future damage.

Sun Exposure

The same UV rays that harm your skin can also harm your asphalt driveway.  The areas of asphalt that receive constant exposure to sunlight will turn gray and age faster than the shaded areas. UV rays trigger a process called oxidation, which is basically the sun “cooking” the tar, or the asphalt cement, out of the surface.  Therefore, the asphalt surface begins to weaken and break down and eventually, you will be left with just gravel.  Since oxidation is unavoidable, the best way to slow down the damaging effects is to regularly seal coat your asphalt surface.

Motor Oil

Asphalt that has repeatedly been saturated with motor oil will not only look unsightly, but it will begin to break down.  Once the asphalt is compromised, it will be more vulnerable to other damaging factors that can cause cracks and crumble.  If you have a car leak that hasn’t been fixed, try parking in different spots, so that the same spot does not become saturated every day.

Asphalt Paving and Maintenance in Pittsburgh

For high-quality asphalt contractors near you, look no further than RoadStar Paving.  For over 21 years, RoadStar Paving has been providing asphalt paving, sealing and maintenance services to the Pittsburgh area and beyond.   Our team understands the potential dangers to asphalt surfaces and will work with you to devise a preventative and maintenance plan that will lessen the effects of the most common asphalt dangers.  Call us today at 724-759-9068.