What to Know for DIY Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating
Winter weather in western Pennsylvania can take its toll on our asphalt driveways.  If you were unable to seal coat your driveway last year, your pavement may be looking a bit dull this spring.  Applying a high-quality seal coat will not only make your driveway look brand new again, but it will add curb appeal to your property.
For the best results, hiring professionals that specialize in seal coating services, like RoadStar Paving in Pittsburgh, is highly recommended.  Some homeowners choose to go the DIY route.  If you plan on tackling asphalt seal coating on your own, here are some things you need to know.
Prepare your Asphalt
Prior to seal coating your driveway, be sure to thoroughly inspect your driveway for any cracks, holes or repairs that need to be made.  A high-quality seal coat is used to protect and strengthen asphalt, not to repair it.  Therefore, holes and cracks should be patched immediately, or they may worsen over time. Asphalt repair kits can be found at your local home improvement store. For larger, more significant cracks and holes, it is best to consult professionals, like RoadStar Paving.
To ensure the sealer adheres properly to the asphalt, make sure your driveway is clean, dry, and free of debris.  Additionally, cover any stones or bricks that may line your driveway, so they do not become stained with seal coat.  If they do, wipe with soap and water immediately before the stains have a chance to dry.
Determine the Amount Needed
The amount of seal coat you need will depend on two factors—the size of your asphalt driveway and if it has been sealed recently.  If you haven’t applied a sealer in a while, then your driveway will be porous and require more seal coating.
Typically, it is recommended that you apply two thin layers of seal coating, but before you apply the second coat, the first coat must be completely dry.  In optimal temperatures, sealers fully cure in 8-12 hours. Sealcoating is best applied in temperatures of more than 50 degrees, but less than 90 degrees, outside.
Continue Maintenance
To protect and extend the life of your asphalt investment, be sure to regularly maintain your driveway with seal coating.  Sealcoating your driveway prevents water from seeping into cracks and causing bigger problems.  It is a cost-effective way to minimize the need for repairs. RoadStar Paving recommends you apply a high-quality sealant every three years.

Expert Sealcoating Services in Pittsburgh

The team at RoadStar Paving takes great pride in making your home and property look its best. We use the highest quality seal coat to protect your asphalt surface from the damaging effects of sun, rain, snow, and salt. If you are looking for professional seal coating services in Pittsburgh, call RoadStar Paving today at 412-318-5869.