What to Know When Paving a Business Parking Lot

Asphalt Parking Lot

First impressions are essential to attracting new customers. If your business looks unkept on the outside, then no one will bother checking out what you have to offer on the inside. Taking care of the building, and especially the parking lot, of your business should be a priority if you plan to keep your current customers and attract new ones.

For your business parking lot, you want to make sure that it is well maintained and free of hazards.  Having potholes, cracks and debris on your pavement is not only unsightly, but it becomes a liability if someone were to be injured.  Many business owners in western Pennsylvania choose asphalt as their go to parking lot surface due to its durability with major fluctuations in weather.

RoadStar Paving, located in Pittsburgh, PA, understands the challenges of installing and maintaining an asphalt parking lot that will meet the needs of your business and its clients 24/7.  In order to make the best paving investment for your business, there are few things you should know before installing an asphalt parking lot:

Locate Experienced and Reputable Commercial Pavers

Choosing a commercial paver for your asphalt parking lot should be based on experience and customer satisfaction. You want to look for contractors that have paved surfaces similar in size and scope to your planned parking area.  Additionally, whether it is word of mouth, online ratings or reviews from the Better Business Bureau, comments about their customer service and quality of work should be key in your decision making.

Zoning laws and standards for parking lot construction vary state by state.  Therefore, it is important to research and obtain any permits prior to installation. Reputable commercial pavers, like RoadStar Paving, will help you get started with your project and answer any questions you may have.

Know the Importance of a Sub-base

One of the most important parts of your asphalt surface is actually what lies beneath.  Properly installed sub-bases will help prevent cracking and sinking of the pavement.  Not only does the sub-base provide structural integrity, but if correctly installed, it will ensure proper drainage of the surface.

Appreciate the Environmental Friendliness of Asphalt

Millions of tons of asphalt are recycled every year making it one of the most recycled products in the country. Its ability to be recycled makes asphalt an environmentally friendly paving choice for many business owners.

Have a Maintenance Plan

To prevent potential issues with your asphalt parking lot, create and adhere to a regular maintenance plan.  Providing a seal coat within a year of installation and once every three years following the first application will help protect your parking lot. Additionally, regularly inspect your asphalt surface and address any needed repairs immediately.

Commercial Pavers in Pittsburgh

If you are looking to install or replace an asphalt parking lot on your commercial property, call the professionals at RoadStar Paving at 412-318-5869 for an accurate and fair estimate.  As commercial pavers in the Pittsburgh area, RoadStar Paving takes great pride in providing expert asphalt paving and seal coating services to commercial clients.  We have built a trusted reputation based on our highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.